The importance of continuing on even in hopeless situations

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The importance of continuing on even in hopeless situations

Holding On To Your Faith During Difficult Times Have you ever asked God the question: Why God are you allowing me or my loved ones to suffer like this?
Ethics and Boundaries: Making Difficult Decisions After trying to figure out how I felt, I decided to write it down. Here are my thoughts:
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There is a need for its existence. Mecca, Andrew, Neil J. Mecca The creation of the California Task Force to Promote Self-Esteem and Personal and Social Responsibility is part of an unprecedented attempt to reframe our approaches to solving social problems.

Share by E-Mail After a good friend moved to Thailand for a few years and I had a baby, our lives pulled us in separate directions and we lost touch with each other. My regret over my neglect of our friendship grew over the years, so one day I decided to try to contact her, only to discover that her old email was no longer valid.

It seemed hopeless that I could ever see Pam again. It turned out that Pam had moved back into the local area, looked around for a new church to attend, and felt strongly compelled to visit this particular church — not knowing that I had been a member there for years.

Here are 5 ways to stay hopeful in situations that seem hopeless: Look beyond a hopeless situation to your hopeful God.

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Your circumstances may be so dire that they seem hopeless. Rather than just healing Lazarus of an illness, Jesus went to the extreme of bringing him back from the dead to demonstrate his limitless power.

No matter how hopeless the situation seems, choose to believe that God can still change it if he chooses to do so.

I spent 23 long years praying for someone I loved dearly — my mom — to come to faith in Christ. After years of not seeing any spiritual interest from Mom despite all my efforts to talk with her about faith, I became so discouraged that I nearly gave up.

But Mom herself had taught me to never give up on any effort that I thought was important. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.

Eventually, Mom did become a believer, despite having told me for years that expecting her to believe was hopeless. Surround yourself with faithful, encouraging people. The scariest seemingly hopeless situation in my life happened when my husband Russ reached the end stage of kidney disease and nearly died.

But during that desperate time, I had the blessing of relationships with many fellow believers who prayed for us, encouraged us, and spread the word about the need. Just in time, a wonderful guy from our church donated a kidney through a successful transplant operation.

Remember what God has done for you in the past. This helped me get through a difficult time after a professional project that I loved working on abruptly ended. The corporation I produced the project for was sold, and I was told that there was no hope that the project would be active again.

So I kept hoping and praying that someday God would activate it once more if he did in fact want me to resume working on it sometime in the future. I knew that God could do so easily, since he had brought several incredible career opportunities my way in the past.

Remembering what God had done before in my life helped me stay hopeful about what God may do for me in the future, at the right time. One December day, I got a surprise Christmas present: God has some surprises in store for you, as well, since he is always at work redeeming hopeless situations with hope.

Trusting God to surprise you with hope in the midst of a situation that seems hopeless will lead you to blessings of joy and peace. Whitney Hopler, who has served as a Crosswalk.A coach can be anyone from a role model to a parent or guardian, a teacher, a pastor, a mentor, or sometimes even a best friend.

One of the most important things for a coach to have is influence, and more important than that is that the influence he has on his players must be positive. May 25,  · encouragement in hopeless situations Posted on May 25, by John Rasicci — Leave a comment Proverb Hope deferred maketh .

From their point of view, the situation might even appear hopeless. Furthermore, teens spend the majority of their waking hours surrounded by their peers, who have a similar worldview. This makes it even more challenging for teens to view their situation through a different lens.

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Washington And The World. Let’s End America’s Hopeless War for the Middle East. Our country’s longest war is unwinnable, and we have more important things to do.

List the pros and cons of quitting, as well as the costs and benefits of continuing your drug abuse. Consider the things that are important to you, such as your partner, your kids, your career, or .

The importance of continuing on even in hopeless situations
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