Special economic zone

Special economic zones SEZ in Poland Special economic zones SEZ — benefits Exemption from income tax and real property tax and availability of attractive commercial lands — these are just some of the investment incentives offered in the Special Economic Zones in Poland. It is worth taking a look at the advantages of operating in the Special Economic Zones, especially in the context of the government's recent decisions on extending their existence.

Special economic zone

Special economic zone

Contact Us Category Archives: Special Economic Zones in Thailand The Mekong Migration Network and Clean Clothes Campaign co-organise a series of back-to-back workshops on the global garment industry In Januarythe Mekong Migration Network and Clean Clothes Campaign joined forces to co-organise a series of back-to-back workshops on the global garment industry with a particular focus on the garment-producing country of Myanmar Burma.

Clean Clothes Campaign CCC is a global alliance of trade unions and NGOs, based in both garment-producing and consuming markets, that are dedicated to improving working conditions and empowering workers in the garment industry.

Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

CCC works in solidarity with organised garment factory workers to develop concrete cases of labour rights violations and execute campaign strategies to pressure companies and governments to ensure that the rights of these workers are implemented and respected. By means of interactive presentations, group discussions, and activities, participants exchanged information on the key challenges facing garment factory workers and labour rights activists in their countries as well as strategies used to promote and protect the rights of these workers.

This meeting carved a space for Myanmar unions and organisations to share information on the garment industry in Myanmar, the challenges being faced by Yangon garment factory workers, and the interests and priorities of unions and labour organisations. The meeting provided an opportunity for Myanmar organisations to better understand the workings of MMN and CCC respectively, as well as develop partnerships with likeminded groups in other countries.

During the meeting, the MMN Secretariat made a presentation on the implications of Special Economic Zones for workers in the Greater Mekong Subregion as part of a series of presentations on global trends affecting the garment industry.

Special economic zone

While wearied from organising and participating in consecutive meetings, MMN project partners and Secretariat members departed Bangkok feeling inspired by the momentum of the CCC network and the possibility of joining forces again in the future to advocate for the protection of the rights of garment factory workers in the Mekong.Special Economic Zones (SEZs), are geographically designated areas of a country set aside for specifically targeted economic activities, supported through special arrangements (that may include laws) and systems that are often different from those that apply in the rest of the country.

The new Special Economic Zone will complement the port’s activity and transform the Anaklia project into a new city-scale economic driver for Georgia, a regional business and trade hub on the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Rwanda Special Economic Zones Special Economic Zones, a geographically specified and physically secured area administered by a single body, offering certain incentives including more liberal and simplified economic regulations for businesses to physically locate and operate within it.

A special economic zone is a designated area in a country that is subject to unique economic regulations that differ from other areas in the same country.

What’s so special about the Special Economic Zones Act?

The Jamaica Special Economic Zone Authority (JSEZA) is the Agency of the Government of Jamaica responsible for facilitating the development of and promoting investments in Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in Jamaica.

The JSEZA was established in under the Special Economic Zones Act. A Special Economic Zone (SEZ) generally refers to a geographically demarcated area within a country that offers special economic regulations and procedures to entities which operate within the zone.

Why jobs in special economic zones won’t solve the problems facing the world’s refugees