Positioning statement hotels

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Positioning statement hotels

Summary of Statement No. All business combinations in the scope of this Statement are to be accounted for using one method, the purchase method.

Reasons for Issuing This Statement Under Opinion 16, business combinations were accounted for using one of Positioning statement hotels methods, the pooling-of-interests method pooling method or the purchase method.

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Use of the pooling method was required whenever 12 criteria were met; otherwise, the purchase method was to be used. Because those 12 criteria did not distinguish economically dissimilar transactions, similar business combinations were accounted for using different methods that produced dramatically different financial statement results.

Analysts and other users of financial statements indicated that it was difficult to compare the financial results of entities because different methods of accounting for business combinations were used. Users of financial statements also indicated a need for better information about intangible assets because those assets are an increasingly important economic resource for many entities and are an increasing proportion of the assets acquired in many business combinations.

While the purchase method recognizes all intangible assets acquired in a business combination either separately or as goodwillonly those intangible assets previously recorded by the acquired entity are recognized when the pooling method is used.

Company managements indicated that the differences between the pooling and purchase methods of accounting for business combinations affected competition in markets for mergers and acquisitions.

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Differences between This Statement and Opinion 16 The provisions of this Statement reflect a fundamentally different approach to accounting for business combinations than was taken in Opinion The single-method approach used in this Statement reflects the Positioning statement hotels that virtually all business combinations are acquisitions and, thus, all business combinations should be accounted for in the same way that other asset acquisitions are accounted for-based on the values exchanged.

This Statement changes the accounting for business combinations in Opinion 16 in the following significant respects: This Statement requires that all business combinations be accounted for by a single method—the purchase method.

In contrast to Opinion 16, which required separate recognition of intangible assets that can be identified and named, this Statement requires that they be recognized as assets apart from goodwill if they meet one of two criteria—the contractual-legal criterion or the separability criterion.

To assist in identifying acquired intangible assets, this Statement also provides an illustrative list of intangible assets that meet either of those criteria.

In addition to the disclosure requirements in Opinion 16, this Statement requires disclosure of the primary reasons for a business combination and the allocation of the purchase price paid to the assets acquired and liabilities assumed by major balance sheet caption.

When the amounts of goodwill and intangible assets acquired are significant in relation to the purchase price paid, disclosure of other information about those assets is required, such as the amount of goodwill by reportable segment and the amount of the purchase price assigned to each major intangible asset class.

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This Statement does not change many of the provisions of Opinion 16 and Statement 38 related to the application of the purchase method. For example, this Statement does not fundamentally change the guidance for determining the cost of an acquired entity and allocating that cost to the assets acquired and liabilities assumed, the accounting for contingent consideration, and the accounting for preacquisition contingencies.

Positioning statement hotels

That guidance is carried forward in this Statement but was not reconsidered by the Board. Also, this Statement does not change the requirement to write off certain research and development assets acquired in a business combination as required by FASB Interpretation No.

How the Changes in This Statement Improve Financial Reporting The changes to accounting for business combinations required by this Statement improve financial reporting because the financial statements of entities that engage in business combinations will better reflect the underlying economics of those transactions.

In particular, application of this Statement will result in financial statements that: Better reflect the investment made in anacquired entity—the purchase method records a business combination based on the values exchanged, thus users are provided information about the total purchase price paid to acquire another entity, which allows for more meaningful evaluation of the subsequent performance of that investment.

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Similar information is not provided when the pooling method is used. Improve the comparability of reported financial information—all business combinations are accounted for using a single method, thus, users are able to compare the financial results of entities that engage in business combinations on an apples-to-apples basis.

That is because the assets acquired and liabilities assumed in all business combinations are recognized and measured in the same way regardless of the nature of the consideration exchanged for them.

Provide more complete financial information—the explicit criteria for recognition of intangible assets apart from goodwill and the expanded disclosure requirements of this Statement provide more information about the assets acquired and liabilities assumed in business combinations.

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Summary of Statement No.