Patient case studies for nurses

The Challenge Fund is designed to test innovative ways of providing primary care services. Of the expressions of interest received for the Challenge Fund, 20 pilot sites were selected across the country; covering 1, general practices and 7. Innovation showcase series Pace of implementation showcase one, February — This paper focuses on pilots which have been effective in implementing extended hours at pace. Successful patient engagement showcase three, March — This paper focuses on pilots which have been effective in engaging their patient population.

Patient case studies for nurses

The Triple Aim is an approach to optimizing health system performance, proposing that health care institutions simultaneously pursue 3 dimensions of performance: Should the Triple Aim become the Quadruple Aim?

Patients want their health to be better, to be seen in a timely fashion with empathy, and to enjoy a continuous relationship with a high-quality clinician whom they choose.

Widespread across specialties, burnout is especially prevalent among emergency department physicians, general internists, neurologists, and family physicians.

Patient case studies for nurses

We have heard physicians making such statements as: I have become the typist. The volume of alerts and texts overshadows important information that requires action. Moreover, the alerts create interruptions known to adversely affect patient care.

Complaints included heavy patient loads, small staffs, and high stress levels.

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A burned-out staff member may not be doing his or her job, resulting in more stress for the already overworked doctor. Dissatisfied physicians and nurses are associated with lower patient satisfaction. Higher scores on a patient-centered medical home assessment may be associated with greater clinician burnout in safety-net clinics.

The unintended consequence was increased physician burnout and resultant quality reductions and cost increases. InGroup Health changed direction, focusing first on clinician work life by increasing visit length and reducing panel size. Burnout dropped substantially with significant gains in clinical quality, patient experience, and cost reduction.

The Group Health story demonstrates that without addressing the work life of those providing care, Triple Aim measures are likely to worsen. For primary care physicians the following list suggests some practical steps: Team documentation has been associated with greater physician and staff satisfaction, improved revenues, and the capacity of the team to manage a larger panel of patients while going home earlier.

The negative impact on patient-centered care will be deep and long lasting. Health care is a relationship between those who provide care and those who seek care, a relationship that can only thrive if it is symbiotic, benefiting both parties.

The positive engagement, rather than the negative frustration, of the health care workforce is of paramount importance in achieving the primary goal of the Triple Aim—improving population health. Leaders and providers of health care should consider adding a fourth dimension—improving the work life of those who deliver care—to the compass points of better care, better health, and lower costs.Unplanned Admissions Consensus Committee.


INTRODUCTION Using an organization-wide approach, Spectrum Care applied the new framework to all service areas and activities.

It’s no surprise that working long hours can take a toll on employees, especially healthcare employees. A Health Affairs study found that nurses who work more than 12 hours in a shift and 40 hours in a week are more prone to increased turnover and job dissatisfaction.

It is common for students in an acute care clinical to be assigned to a different patient each week. Often this is for one 8-hour shift or at most, twoContinue reading. The Certified Professional in Patient Safety credential (CPPS) establishes core standards for the field and sets an expected proficiency level for those seeking to become professionally certified in patient .


HESI patient reviews with RN case studies and practice test on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Access code to HESI, with many helpful case studies and study guides. Have our case studies been helpful to you in your practice? Case studies provide an opportunity to learn about the standards "in action".

Some of our best case study ideas come from nurses, who share real-world examples of practice.

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