Manfold toy

Using pliers, locate the clamp on the lower radiator hose and pull the hose off slowly. Alternatively, there may be a drain petcock.

Manfold toy

Let car sit overnight. Remove breather from vehicle. Remove spark plug wires from the spark plugs and ignition coil, but leave wires connected to distributor cap. Remove distributor cap from distributor. Where 1 on cap is pointing for replacing later. Loosen drain cock on bottom section of radiator and let antifreeze drain into a pan and depose of properly.

Next remove the ignition coil from intake manifold, place to the side. Disconnect all vacuum lines from carburetor and intake. Mark lines with tape if needed for reassembly.

Disconnect kick down rodaccelerator cable and fuel line at carburetor, move out of way. Loosen and remove the four nuts holding the carburetor to the intake manifold. Put nuts into a ziplock bag for safe keeping.

Remove carburetor from intake. Loosen and remove the twelve intake bolts from intake and place in order as which they came out. I always put them back into the same holes.

Intake & Exhaust Manifold for Ford Tractor(s) 2N, 8N, 9N. Replaces Ford OEM nos 9N, 9NW2G. 18,+ RPM performance machine high-flow water jacket Walbro WT carburetor improved cylinder plating aluminum intake funnel Estimated engine power output is approx 4 HP. This is an offroad toy, not a daily driver, so anything I do to it, I try to budget my money on it. I still need to replace the front wheel joint, which I plan on buying the parts/tools this weekend. I'll look for studs at a hardware store, just have to find a good one near me now. I appreciate the input.

If bolts are not damaged Next because the cast iron intake is heavy, grab intake with both hands and pull up. It should come off, if not take a screw driver and pry up on the front.

S don't do this with and aluminum intake can cause damage. Next remove the valley pan and place a piece of newspaper down in the valley to stop dirt and old pieces of gasket from dropping into the valley and getting into your engine.

Take a razor blade or gasket scrapper and remove all old gasket material from the intake as well as from around the ports on both heads. After scrapping the gaskets off, take your air grinder on low pressure about 70 psi and stripper pads and clean all mating surfaces on heads and the bottom of intake manifold for a better result.

Once finished wipe down with thinner. Optional While intake is off clean it up and repaint it with engine high temperature paint. Apply a thin coat of High Tac gasket sealant on the cylinder heads around the bolt holes and ports. Align the side rail gaskets as needed. Next install the end seals, use the nibs to locate seals.

Install these seals dry without any chemical adhesives. Place the new valley pan using the two dowel pins to hold it into place. Take intake manifold and lower back onto the block and align using the bolts. Snug bolts down using the bolt torque sequence found in a repair manual.

Torque bolts to foot pounds. Put carb back to intake,replace carb gasket if needed. Reconnect fuel line, vacuum lines, kickdown rod and accelerator cable.

Put distributor cap back on distributor.Moved Permanently. The document has moved here. Good prices for yu gi.

Manfold toy

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