Graham greene i spy

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Graham greene i spy

Even then he moved with caution and tiptoed to the window. But now all the windows were dark. A searchlight passed across the sky, lighting the banks of cloud and probing the dark deep spaces between, seeking enemy airships.

A draught through the cracks in the window-frame stirred his nightshirt. Charlie Stowe was frightened. He was twelve years old, and already boys at the County School mocked him because he had never smoked a cigarette. The packets were piled twelve deep below, Gold Flake and Players, De Reszke, Abdulla, Woodbines, and the little shop lay under a thin haze of stale smoke which would completely disguise his crime.

Tonight he had said he would be in Norwich, and yet you never knew. Charlie Stowe had no sense of safety as he crept down the wooden stairs. When Graham greene i spy creaked he clenched his fingers on the collar of his nightshirt.

At the bottom of the stairs he came out quite suddenly into the little shop. It was too dark to see his way, and he did not dare touch the switch. For half a minute he sat in despair on the bottom step with his chin cupped in his hands. Then the regular movement of the searchlight was reflected through an upper window and the boy had time to fix in memory the pile of cigarettes, the counter, and the small hole under it.

The footsteps of a policeman on the pavement made him grab the first packet to his hand and dive for the hole. A light shone along the floor and a hand tried the door, then the footsteps passed on, and Charlie cowered in the darkness.

At last he got his courage back by telling himself in his curiously adult way that if he were caught now there was nothing to be done about it, and he might as well have his smoke.

He put a cigarette in his mouth and then remembered that he had no matches. For a while he dared not move. Three times the searchlight lit the shop, while he muttered taunts and encouragements. But as he moved he heard footfalls in the street, the sound of several men walking rapidly.

Charlie Stowe was old enough to feel surprise that anybody was about.

Graham greene i spy

A torch flashed and the electric globe burst into blue light. One of the men shook his head. Thank you all the same. Stowe asked, and when the man nodded he lifted a pile of Gold Flake and Players from a shelf and caressed the packets with the tips of his fingers.

The wife will sell out, I suppose. Well, you want to be off. A stitch in time. Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow.

When the door had closed Charlie Stowe tiptoed upstairs and got into bed.

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He wondered why his father had left the house again so late at night and who the strangers were. Surprise and awe kept him for a little while awake. It was as if a familiar photograph had stepped from the frame to reproach him with neglect.

He remembered how his father had held tight to his collar and fortified himself with proverbs, and he thought for the first time that, while his mother was boisterous and kindly, his father was very like himself, doing things in the dark which frightened him. It would have pleased him to go down to his father and tell him that he loved him, but he could hear through the window the quick steps going away.

He was alone in the house with his mother, and he fell asleep.EXCLUSIVE: Selma Blair and Graham Greene are attached to star in the horror thriller, The Great Illusion, along with Glenn Morshower (Transformers, Bloodline), Tokala Black Elk (Wind River), Jon.

Feb 23,  · Charlie Stowe waited until he heard his mother snore before he got out of bed. Even then he moved with caution and tiptoed to the window. The front of the house was irregular, so that it was possible to see a light burning in his mother's room. But now all the windows were dark.

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A. ‘I Spy’ by Graham Greene What Is The Significance Of The Title? The title (‘I Spy’), is significant because it shows the similarities between Charlie Stowe and his father.

Graham greene i spy

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I Spy by Graham Greene - English

Henry Graham Greene OM CH (2 October – 3 April ), better known by his pen name Graham Greene, was an English novelist regarded by many as one of the greatest writers of the 20th century. Graham Greene (), whose long life nearly spanned the length of the twentieth century, was one of its greatest novelists.

Educated at Berkhamsted School and Balliol College, Oxford, he started his career as a sub-editor of the London Times. He began to attract notice as a novelist with his fourth book, Orient Express, in In , he trekked across northern Liberia, his first.

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