Basic engineering notes

A strong need was felt for such a book, which would address the needs of Indian Students hailing from different backgrounds across the country. The book is written in two parts. Part A covers the important topics of circuit analysis and basic instrumentation.

Basic engineering notes

Digital Electronics Digital Electronic deals with digital or discrete signals.

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We have covered here, binary number system, binary arithmetic, boolean algebra, De Morgan theorems, K - map, logic gates, binary to other number system conversion etc. We have also shown here different basic electronic circuits of various logic gates. Electrical Power Generation We have discussed here all types of electrical power generation systems such as thermal, hydro, nuclear power generation, solar Basic engineering notes, wind energy electric generation, cogeneration and many more.

We have explained working principles, characteristics of different components of power plants, like boilers, turbines, economisers, solar panel, wind turbines, etc. Switchgear We have discussed here all three types of electrical switchgear systems - low voltage switchgear, medium voltage switchgear and high voltage switchgear.

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We have covered individual components of an electrical switchgear system and much more. Electrical Power Transmission Systems We have provided various articles on electrical power transmission system. The pieces include different transmission parameters, different materials used to construct a transmission line, different theoretical approaches to power transmission.

We have also added the HVDC system etc. We have covered even designing aspects of transmission towers along with its foundation. Electrical Generator The generator is the most basic as well as a most expensive component of a power system.

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One of the most common forms of AC Generator is Alternator. We have provided various articles on generator in this generator section of the website which will help you to understand the basic concept of generator thoroughly.

Electrical Transformer We have provided here various articles on transforms from fundamental theory to the modern advancement of transforms. We have also explained different accessories of the transformer. We have included two winding transformers, autotransformer, power and distribution transformer, single phase and three phase transformer, single unit and multi-unit three-phase transformer etc.BE Notes Basic Electrical Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering BE Notes Basic Electrical Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering notes for regulation Anna University free download (be lecture notes).

Schaum's Outline of Basic Electrical Engineering [J. J. Cathey, Syed A.

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Nasar] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Students will quickly understand the popularity of this helpful sourcebook--the first edition sold Chapter 1 Introduction Themes1 From its beginnings in the late nineteenth century, electrical engineering has blossomed from focusing on electrical circuits for power, telegraphy and telephony to focusing on a much broader range of disciplines.

M. Bahrami ENSC (F 09) Intro and Basic Concepts 1 Basic Concepts of Thermodynamics Every science has its own unique vocabulary associated with it.

Important note: in engineering all equations must be dimensionally homogenous.

Basic engineering notes

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We are always trying to outdo ourselves by seeking innovation, using the latest technology, and having highly trained and qualified people for every service. The section covers entire aspects of the subject, from basic engineering to advanced and modern topics related to Electrical Engineering and Technology.

This site plays a vital role in getting extra knowledge beyond the textbooks. We have written the materials on this site in very simple and understandable English.

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